Friday, February 18, 2011

Exploration unplugged

The next three months will be packed with travel, exploration and excitement. But the past two months of getting settled in Cambridge was definitely highlighted when I proposed to Jen at 00:11 on 1-1-11 on a midnight firework cruise of Boston Harbor (First Night Boston cruise) and she said yes!

She said yes!
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I'll be down in Florida for the STS-133 Shuttle launch (fingers crossed), followed by the 2011 Next-Generation Suborbital Researchers Conference in Orlando where I will be presenting MIT MVL's capabilities for suborbital research. March will be slammed with writing six papers for the 41st International Conference on Environmental Systems and preparing for April, which will include Yuri's Night 2011 (12 April), the 50th Anniversary of Human Spaceflight, and MIT150's Exploration Symposium (25-27 April): "Earth, Air, Ocean and Space: The Future of Exploration".

One of the new exciting projects that we unveiled for Yuri's Night is the "Yuri's Night 2011 Video Contest". We have uploaded interviews that I conducted with Jean-Jacques Dordain (Director General of ESA), Bill Nye The Science Guy, Mike Simpson (President of ISU), Alan Stern (SWRI), former Astronaut Joe Tanner (CU-Boulder) and soon to be launched Astronaut Ron Garan! George Schellenger put together an amazing trailer (embedded below) and we had an instant large media hit with Canada's National Post!

I may also be squeezing in trips to Houston and Paris during all of this activity, but I'll save that for another story. I'm excited about the launch, Yuri's Night and the Exploration Symposium so that's more than enough to concentrate on for now!


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