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My 10 Years of Yuri's Night in Photos, Поехали! Cc: @YurisNight

I've been connected to the global phenomenon of Yuri's Night, the World Space Party, for over 10 years. This April will be my 11th year participating and I figured the best way to capture my history was through photos. The post contains the last 10 years in review in anticipation for 2013 and I hope it inspires others to host events around the world. The trip down memory lane picking photos was well worth the time it took to assemble this post. "Not only am I the Executive Director, I'm an event co-organizer! --> Yuri's Night Cocoa Beach April 12th and 13th, and I'm helping the Space Coast set up other events: I'd be happy to answer questions about the photos in the comments. ROCK THE PLANET!


2003 - Los Angeles, CA, USA

Volunteering for Yuri's Night LA - JPL Family Day at the Santa Anita Race Track taking photos of kids and Photoshoping them into astronaut spacesuits.
Encounter at LAX
Loretta [Hidalgo] and George Whitesides, YN co-creators and superstars
Aarti and I representing ISU MSS '03
The after party and Loretta's birthday party

2004 - State College, PA, USA

PSU Mars Society showing off their rover
Penn State Sailing Team, I was their coach for 2 years
Enjoying the music

2005 - State College, PA, USA

Tattoos rock
Plush fans with several door prizes
Plush rockin' it

2006 - Boulder, CO, USA

CU SEDS, YN Boulder Team at the Boulder Republic (now condos)
We over estimated the number of tickets needed for our raffle

2007 - Boulder, CO, USA

Repeat party at the Republic
2 MC's
Happy Crowd

2008 - Boulder, CO, USA

EVA team with Loretta at the Conference on World Affiars
Representing the space gang
EVA team with Loretta handing out flyers
A very happy Jonathan with the Russian Club
Bruce teaching kids about space at the Fiske Planetarium Astronomy Day
Costume at night event
Mike Simpson and I
Another view of busy Fiske Planetarium and free raffle
YN at Triology
Jen and I just started seeing each other and are now inseparable!
Barb, Kennda and I

2009 - Boulder, CO, USA

Kris rocking!
Another cool view of Kris and Areopagitica
Full house at Trilogy or whatever the name was changed to that year (b.side Lounge)
Sean Jen and I
Artist busy drawing during concert
Other Side of Clearview working up a sweat
Group photo!
Astronomy Day at Fiske Planetarim
Joe Tanner talks about his Hubble experience connecting human spaceflight with astronomy
Kenji Williams and his amazing Bella Gaia show
A very busy International Festival where Yuri's Night hung out at the Russian booth talking about human spaceflight history

2010 - Boulder, CO, USA

Abbey Road Space Walking
EVA team with Ralphie
Jen's the best satellite! Check out her Canadarm!
David Grinspoon won the costume contest and I took one of my favourite YN photos
Crowded Lazy Dog
Joe and I with Aerospace friends

2011 - Cambridge, MA, USA / Boston, MA, USA

Jen and I at the Asgard in Cambridge
Decent crowd and a very rainy night
Aero/Astro representing
Museum of Science outreach
Presentation about Yuri's Night to Museum of Science crowd

2012 - Cambridge, MA, USA (no photos at the moment) / Strasbourg, France / New York City, NY, USA

Nathan and ISU band rocking 25th Anniversary in Strasbourg France
It's always great to visit old stomping grounds. It's amazing how familiar the building looks after seeing it 9 years later.
ISU 25 TweetUp!
with @SpaceHuggie
New York, New York - mixing arts with technology
Strasbourg Part Deux
NY Technology or Art?
Jason Silva showed some of his cool films
New space glove and retro glove from Ted Southern
Cassie and Jen
Presenting about the art and culture that inspired me to dream, explore and aim for the Moon
Liz, Jim and I on a panel discussing how art inspired us in technology driven pursuits.

2013 - Cocoa Beach, FL, USA:

Oh, the Places You'll Go!
Be a part of the next chapter of the Yuri's Night adventure and Join The Party!

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