Wednesday, August 7, 2013

Sailing and WGS-6 Launch from the Indian River

Granted I didn't take the best photos on my iPhone, but the location was unbelievable! After racing Sneaker on the Indian River (Wednesday night race night series), we kept sailing past sunset to watch the launch from the water. You could clearly see the four solid boosters separate and fall away back to the Atlantic. The rocket kept soaring and the upper stage separation was gorgeous! A spiral of smoke shot out of the beacon of light and two lights feel back to earth as the upper stage kept sailing away!

Another successful race for the Sneaker crew as we sit back and relax sailing into the sunset.
Rene takes a moment to watch the launch of WGS-6. What a view from the water!

The official stats:
Aug. 7/8 Delta 4  •  WGS 6
Launch window: 0029 GMT on 8th (8:29 p.m. EDT on 7th)
Launch site: SLC-37B, Cape Canaveral Air Force Station, Florida

A United Launch Alliance Delta 4 rocket launched the sixth Wideband Global SATCOM spacecraft, formerly known as the Wideband Gapfiller Satellite. Built by Boeing, this geostationary communications spacecraft will serve U.S. military forces. The rocket flew in the Medium+ (5,4) configuration with four solid rocket boosters. Delayed from June and July. See our Mission Status Center. [Aug. 7]


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