Monday, April 11, 2011

Personal goals in space industry & #YurisNight #MIT150Explore

In the midst of MIT150 & Yuri's Night mayhem, I thought I would post my personal goals in the space industry, in particular because they may show up in a newspaper tomorrow morning in Moscow!

My goals in the space industry are simple. I would like to help people experience 'space' and inspire them by those adventures. Not everyone will get to physically go to space because of limitations of health, money or possibly desire, but there are other opportunities that can bring them closer to understanding our future in the cosmos. I've been lucky to experience Mars simulations in the desert and Arctic. From analogue research I've learned that for some people that's as close to going to Mars as they will come, and they've still treasured the experience as their own slice of personal space history.

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These are the common threads that connect the projects that I take on, and they motivate me to do my best. Yuri's Night and the MIT150 Exploration Symposium are my current focal points. After April, I'll be looking for more opportunities to leverage being at MIT and working with the amazing Man-Vehicle Laboratory.

One last treat... the International Space Station crew surprised (and maybe shocked) the Yuri's Night Global Executive Team and followers around the world with a special tribute for the 50th Anniversary of Human Spaceflight. We were expecting to just share a global recorded message for the 50th, but were given this special gift on our record breaking year. Thank you Expedition 27 Crew! Here's the YouTube vid (located at

Rock the planet!


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