Monday, October 3, 2011

Help us win weddings rings flown in space in the Space Wedding Rings Contest!

Jen and I have entered an epic competition to win rings flow in space in the Space Wedding Rings Contest! As I'm sure you know, Jen and I are both huge space geeks, so having space flown wedding rings would be a dream come true, and the ultimate unique seal of our unique relationship!

What we need is likes, views, and comments - we know the contest will be partially based on them, but we don’t know if YouTube, Facebook or both will be counted so please do both if its not too much hassle! (its only 1 minute long)

If we make it to the 2nd round, there will be official voting on the company website, and we’ll update everyone through the inter-webs!

Also, please feel free to forward this far and wide to other family and friends! The more people supporting us the better our chances!

Cross your fingers for us! :-)

Thank you!
Ryan & Jen

1 comment:

  1. Cute wedding rings and thanks for your sharing. Need one for wedding jewels collections.