Saturday, March 10, 2012

The Book of Yuri: Make an Impact in 2012!

Fresh off of one trip to the Next-Generation Suborbital Researchers Conference, I'm starting make my plans for the next. But this trip isn't for "work", it's for Yuri's Night (YN). All of the YN Global Executive Team pours hours of volunteer time into making the World Space Party happen and occasionally we can participate in conferences and events like the National Space Society's International Space Development Conference (ISDC). At ISDC, the YN Exec has their annual Executive Summit to prepare for the following year's activities and a call for new exec. For 2012, the YN Exec is encouraging events to "Make an Impact" on their local communities as they help inspire and educate the world about human spaceflight. My Yuri's Night plans this season will be an intense world tour as I plan to attend four different Yuri's Night events and it is my intention to bring the space swag flown in space by Astronaut Ron Garan to (at least) three of the events.

Yuri's Night 2011 on the International Space Station.
Video link of the crew saying hello for YN 2011!
Last year, Ron flew six YN t-shirts for the crew of the International Space Station to wear for Yuri's Night on April 12th, which was also the 50th Anniversary of Human Spaceflight. The crew celebrated with a Russian dinner and a movie! In Ron's acceptance video for the 2011 Spirit of Yuri's Night Award he surprised us by telling us he would be bringing his shirt back to earth (Video on Fragile Oasis). He had mentioned in an email that he would wash the shirt, and jokingly I replied that we could have a "smell space" exhibit. Needless to say, the shirt was not washed as it retained a slight metallic smell of the International Space Station. Ron had also flown three other Yuri's Night items, an invitation placard (post card advert we designed), a sticker, and a blinky LED lapel pin (button). The three objects plus Ron's shirt were sent to me with certificates and I plan to share them with the world. Below the photos of the items are the Yuri's Night events where they will be featured. After Yuri's Night 2012 we will be looking for a host location for the exhibit. Here's where the space swag will be displayed for April 2012:
  • APR 7: SpaceUp Boston / Yuri's Night Boston (SpaceUp Registration)
  • APR 12: 25th Anniversary of International Space University / Yuri's Night ISU as part of the Explore Mars "International Space Station and Mars Conference - Europe" (Tickets/Details)
  • APR 13 (*not on display): Yuri's Night Strasbourg (Details unfolding, check YN website)
  • APR 20: Yuri's Night New York City (Website)
Just in case you were wondering about the blog title, I recently saw Book of Mormon on Broadway in New York City (awesome!) and sometimes when I talk about Yuri's Night and human spaceflight it feels like I'm spreading a religion. I guess that's how passion works sometimes! On that note: Look for the Yuri's Night Global Executive Team members at the ISDC this May and register today to help "Make an Impact" on April 12th!

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  1. FYI, SpaceUp Boston was postponed and the Ron Garan exhibit may not be at the Harvard Star Party.