Sunday, April 8, 2012

It's time to Rock the Planet and Make an Impact for Yuri's Night 2012! @YurisNight

Yuri's Night 2012 officially kicked off on Thursday April 5th with two events: Bucharest, Romania and Washington, DC, USA! The event registrations are still coming in and the current tally is 170 events (9 Virtual), in 42 countries, on all 7 continents. Usually registrations come in fast in the last two weeks and until a week after. Jen and I have already attendi one event and have three more to go! We enjoyed watching First Orbit at Harvard and then checked out their telescope, but unfortunately the clouds did not part for star gazing.

Left: First Orbit screening with macaroons and cupcakes
Right: Harvard's Telescope

Tomorrow we are off to France for the Explore Mars ISS-Mars Conference at the International Space University, which will feature a Yuri's Night celebration/reception in honor of ISU's 25th Anniversary on April 12th. On April 13th there will be a more informal party at a local Strasbourg bar (TBD). After a few days of travel we will make our way back to New York City for our final event. For ISU and NYC I will be bringing the Ron Garan Space Shirt Exhibit (there is no official name for the exhibit), which features Yuri's Night items flown in space last year during the 50th Anniversary of Spaceflight.

Swag flown in space by Astronaut Ron Garan ready for it's first exhibit at ISU's 25th Anniversary / Yuri's Night ISU.
There are a few things people should know about this week:
1. Find an event near you and go check it out:
2. Can't find one? It's NOT too late to start your own and it can be a simple gathering of friends.
3. If you are at an event(s) please post pictures or summaries to Yuri's Night Live.

Just for fun, here's a feed of Yuri's Night tweets featuring "yurisnight", which should pick up the last 10 hashtags (#) and mentions (@) courtesy of

Have an awesome Yuri's Night 2012 and Rock the Planet!


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