Monday, November 18, 2013

MAVEN launch from the Space Life Sciences Lab

The Space Life Sciences Lab (SLSL) staff watched the ‪MAVEN‬ launch from 3rd floor conference room. It wasn't the best weather, but it still blasted off towards Mars. Go Buffs!

Jamie from Space Florida in foreground enjoying a work break to watch MAVEN rise from behind the trees in Exploration Park. The view is from the 3rd floor of the Space Life Sciences Lab.
MAVEN leaving Earth and heading to Mars.

The official stats:
Nov. 18 Atlas 5  •  MAVEN
Launch time: 1828 GMT (1:28 p.m. EST)
Launch site: SLC-41, Cape Canaveral Air Force Station, Florida

A United Launch Alliance Atlas 5 rocket, designated AV-038, launched the Mars Atmosphere and Volatile Evolution, or MAVEN, mission. The MAVEN orbiter will study the upper atmosphere of Mars and determine the role the loss of atmospheric gas to space played in changing the Martian climate through time. The rocket flew in the 401 vehicle configuration with a four-meter fairing, no solid rocket boosters and a single-engine Centaur upper stage. See our Mission Status Center. [Nov. 18]


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