Videos! More than likely, the video playlist will continue to grow. Photo posts will be sporadic at best (please visit Instagram: RyInSpace). Go Rafi Go!

Rafi at 6 months old! He will grow faster than this website can handle, but we will share some milestones along the way!
It is with great pride that Jen and I announce the birth of our son Rafael Neil Kobrick! Rafi was born on July 16th at 0030 after a long labor (which included a rocket launch). He was 6 pounds 13.1 ounces (3.09 kg) and 19 inches long (48.3 cm) upon arrival. He is the 4th generation R. Kobrick (H. Robert, Ronald, Ryan and now Rafael) and his name essentially means 'healer' in Hebrew, which is a nice tribute to Jen's passion for massage therapy and my passion for helping humans stay alive and thrive in space (countermeasures, performance, etc). His middle name is in honor of Apollo Moonwalker Neil Armstrong and a tribute to Jen's Irish heritage. July 16th, by cosmic coincidence, was also the anniversary of Apollo 11's historic launch to the Moon. Here are some pictures from the first few days of Rafi's life:

Rafael "Rafi" Neil Kobrick. Ready to conquer the world one heart at a time.
All swaddled up and in our 36-hour recover "closet" (smallest room in the hospital because of baby overload that day) with his handmade turtle by Jen (his 1st ultrasound looked like a turtle). July 16, less than 8 hours old!
Rafi and Mommy enjoying his very first sunrise in Florida (July 16).
When Teddy met Rafi on Day 3 (July 18). Teddy has been very attentive and gentle.
One small step... dreaming about walking on the Moon. Day 5, July 20th, a.k.a. Moon landing day.
Don't wake a sleeping baby... (July 22)

...unless you are posing them. I think Rafi expressed his satisfaction with his favorite finger. (July 26)

Launching Summer 2015, Baby BOY Kobrick!

"Turtle" at 8 weeks.

13 weeks, 6 days.

14 weeks.

14 weeks.

14 weeks.

18 weeks 6 days. IT'S A BOY! We have a "boy pic" but it's not safe for the internet and his future career.
18 weeks 6 days. Ooooo 4D! 20 weeks 6 days.
20 weeks 6 days. 20 weeks 6 days.

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