Friday, July 29, 2016

Farewell to thee Cape Canaveral. #ERAU new professorship and #NROL61 launch.

3-2-1... we're moving.

There have been a lot of changes brewing for our family lately but I am proud to announce my big career news: Aug 16th I will evolve into a Professor of Commercial Space Operations at +Embry-Riddle, Daytona Beach Campus! +Embry-Riddle Aeronautical University has a fantastic history of contributions to aviation and space and I hope to do my part in the new Spacesuit Lab!

A photo from one of my visits to ERAU campus. The Wright Flyer next to the observatory and landmark sign, all pointing to soar higher.

The new job, means moving to a new town for a few reasons. Mainly the commute would be too long and that Teddy and Rafi deserve a yard to run, play, and grow in. We closed on a house in Port Orange on the same day as the NROL-61 launch. Cosmically, when we closed on our condo in Cape Canaveral it was also a launch day (see blog post)! This launch was a cell-phone-camera only launch so I could snap a few moments, but enjoy the launch. Truthfully, the launch was so fast that it was still a blur and then we were off to close on the house. I will especially miss watching (and photographing) launches from our condo against the dark skies of the late night and early morning. We were able to see the 1st land-landing by +SpaceX with a thunderous double sonic boom (video with commentary where I thought it exploded on the ground) and there have been over 56 launches since we moved to Florida (I think I've missed 8? and 1 landing). Thank you to +Space Florida for most of these opportunities!

The final launch from Chez Condo Kobrick... we actually never named the condo, but are thinking about clever nicknames for the house.
Family photo, Teddy is not happy with the noise so he blocked the rocket in the background.
Super fast rocket
Rafi points with both hands and shows me where the rocket went. Up! Up! Up!
The Closer. New house here we come!
Thank you Cape Canaveral, hello Port Orange! Thumbs up!

+United Launch Alliance's awesome video of the NROL-61 launch:

The official stats:
July 28Atlas 5 • NROL-61
Launch period: 1237 GMT (8:37 a.m. EDT)

Launch site: SLC-41, Cape Canaveral Air Force Station, Florida
A United Launch Alliance Atlas 5 rocket, designated AV-065, will launch a classified spacecraft payload for the U.S. National Reconnaissance Office. The rocket will fly in the 421 vehicle configuration with a four-meter fairing, two solid rocket boosters and a single-engine Centaur upper stage. Delayed from April 21, June 14 and June 24. Moved forward from July 29. [July 20]

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